Incan Doomsday Prophecy

By inca On October 30th

The ancient Inca civilization occupied the western coast of South America, from Ecuador through central Chile. Inca can be spelled Inka and was known as Tiwantinsuya. Incan doomsday prophecy in a civilization which lasted for less than a century may have been prophetic in itself. The Inca of Peru have long held a mystical fascination for people of the western world. Four hundred years ago the fabulous wealth in gold and silver possessed by these people was discovered, then systematically pillaged and plundered by Spanish conquistadors. The booty they carried home altered the whole European economic system. And in their wake, they left a highly developed civilization in tatters. That a single government could control many diverse tribes, many of which were secreted in the most obscure of mountain hideaways, was simply remarkable. The Inca Empire was quite short-lived. It lasted just shy of 100 years, from ca.1438 AD, when the Inca ruler Pachacuti and his army began conquering lands surrounding the Inca heartland of Cuzco, until the coming of the Spaniards in 1532.

Map of the Incan Civilization


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